Wedding Videographer Ireland - Simon Barr

Cinematic Style Wedding Videos

You may be wondering what separates a cinematic wedding video from the traditional style that was always common. Aren’t they both the same thing? Is it the way it’s filmed, or edited? Well, it’s actually a good mix of both really.

With the traditional style of video everything is captured and presented on the video as it happens from start to finish. The video can be quite long as a result, around 90 minutes or more depending on factors such as the length of the ceremony, speeches and whether you have booked the videographer to stay for additional time during the evening entertainment. These are usually filmed with the old style camcorders that, although produce great image and audio quality, can be bulky to carry and draw attention to the videographer, which makes it harder to stay discreet.

With our cinematic wedding video, you get a real ‘filmic’ look to your video – nice artistic shots edited to around 25 minutes in length with only selected bits from the vows, speeches and readings overlaid with a mix of cinematic/indie/romantic (but not cheesy!) music. I film with small Panasonic DSLRs and various sharp lenses for different compositions, which allow me to capture the details in a more low-key way without anyone noticing. There may be some scenes during your location shoot that I will set up between the bride and groom if I think it will tie in well with your video, but nothing too challenging or time consuming. I mostly film hand-held or using a simple monopod, moving quickly and yet blending in with your guests.

To find out more, please check out our feedback and request a sample of one of my recent cinematic wedding videos.