Why Hire Irish Dancers for your Wedding

Ireland is known across the globe for its traditional Irish dancing. Irish dancing is a very important part of the Irish culture and heritage. The Riverdance is one of the most famous dancing groups and is known worldwide. Today Irish dancing is a regular activity of many children. The roots of Irish dancing come from the druids and Celts who roamed the island before the onset of outside influences and Christianity came along. Irish dancing also includes traditional Irish dancing shoes and costumes. Many traditional weddings in Ireland now have Irish dancing as a form of entrainment to keep guests entertained and busy for the night. Here are some reasons why you should hire Irish dancers for your wedding.

History of Irish dancing

The Celts arrived in Ireland over 2000 years ago and they brought with them their own types of dancing. When Christianity came into place, they expressed their different beliefs through dance and music. In Ireland then the dancing changed in the 16th century becoming more sophisticated. Irish dancing was performed in the castles and great halls across Ireland and accompanied by music made from harps and bagpipes. Irish dancing masters started to appear in villages in the 18th century teaching the dancing to the communities. There were many variations of dancing these included polkas, reels, jigs, halve sets and sets. The costumes today for Irish dancing are recognised all over the world. All costumes are different and beautifully designed. All dresses being made today are designed and inspired by peasants who wore them over 200 years ago. The traditional dresses now are designed with beautiful embroidered details and the Tara brooch is worn on the shoulder holding a cape that falls down the back of the dress. The shoes that are worn include hard jig shoes or soft shoes. There are many different Irish dancing events and ceili’s across Ireland in ways of celebrating traditional Irish storytelling, dancing, and music. The most successful traditional Irish dance include Riverdance and Lord of the dance.

Cost of Irish dancing dresses & Shoes

Irish dancing began centuries ago in Ireland. There are many different costs when it comes to Irish dancing these include, costumes, shoes, lessons, and competitions. The dress cost can range anywhere from 250 and upwards depending on the type of dress you choose.Jig and reel shoes can be as high as €150 per pair, we recommend irishdancingshoes.ie.

Keep the guests entertained

Hiring Irish dancers are sure to keep your guests entertained. Irish dancing will always captivate and memorise any audience with syncopated movements and crisp rhythms. It never fails to captivate your wedding guests and get them up and dancing the night away. Bring some powerful Irish dancing and music to your wedding and your guests. A performance of style and amazing dancing is a must. Some Irish dancing groups will bring a mix of modern dance moves to fast paced dancing that will leave you and your guests astonished and inspired and might even want to join in and dance the night away themselves. Be inspired by Irish dancing as a part of your big day.

Irish tradition

Traditions at Irish weddings date back to ancient times. Many couples love to incorporate an Irish theme into their big day. Riverdance has become widely popular for many years now. Irish dancing really shows a strong aspect of Irish culture. Put on an incredible show with some amazing Irish dancing and keep your guests entertained for several hours. There is nothing more traditional for your wedding day then Irish dancers. Exciting and professional and ideal for performing and will guarantee to thrill family and friends alike. A real showstopper.