Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Videographer  

It is an old age question and a question that every couple will say “do you need a Wedding Videographer?”. It is possibly the most debated topic between couples when it comes to planning a wedding. You didn’t think twice about booking a photographer so why wouldn’t you book a wedding videographer too. One of the main reasons why some couples may not choose to have a wedding video is that they may feel it is too expensive. It is now known as one of the biggest regrets not having a wedding videographer to mark your special day. Anyone will tell you it is completely worth the money. Think of it this way, any bride will tell you the day was one big blur and it went by so quickly. The bride is missing out on the groom and bridesmaids’ arrivals, she may wonder about her own entrance up the aisle and what was it like to other people watching. In most cases, the bride is missing for this part of the ceremony. It is not necessary, but it is a great way of capturing the essence of your big day, a kaleidoscope of sound and memories which you will share with friends, family, and children for many years ahead. In this blog, I am discussing the reasons why you need a wedding videographer:

1. Life Long Memories 

Every married couple will tell you, the entire day went by in the blink of an eye, this is very true. Wedding photos will last forever, but over time the memories will fade. A video gives the perfect time to capture all the small details from the ceremony, evening reception, wedding vows, the list goes on. It will remind you of those precious moments and keep the memories alive for many years to come.

2. The Professional and Creative Wedding Videographer 

Back in the 80s times, wedding videos were not quite the same as they are now. Wedding videographers today are exceptionally experienced and highly professional at what they do. They use top of the range modern equipment and bring a wealth of creativity and style that will turn your wedding video into a memory that you will cherish forever.

3. Sharing is Caring

Many friends and family will be unable to attend due to prior work commitments, they may be ill or cannot travel. Videos can be easily shared with other people which will make them feel like they had attended the day with you to celebrate your special day.

4. A wedding video is all things a photo cannot record 

Photos are essential to any wedding but they cannot record the movement, the gasps, the laughter, the music, the smiles, and the dancing, all these things work better with motion captures on a wedding video.

5. An Heirloom for the Family

The generations will move on and it is the most precious thing to share your video with extended families. Your children and their children will love seeing their uncles, parents, aunts, and grand-parents as younger versions of themselves, it gives a huge comfort to those who would like to remember those who may have also passed on. Having a lifetime memory of your grandparents is priceless.

6. Videos capture Everything 

Every couple on their big day is so focused on the getting married part that they miss most of what is happening around them. Thinks such as the expressions on people’s faces, the bridal party arriving, getting ready in the morning, etc. Thankfully, having a wedding film will capture everything and nothing will be missed, this is what makes it so special.

7. You can watch it Over and Over Again

Memories fade even the ones we want to freeze in time. When the wedding is over, you will wish you could relive it over again. By having a video of your big day, all your memories and emotions will all coming flooding back to you. You can watch your video over and over again! How cool would that be!

Hiring a wedding videographer will be the best investment and the best money you will ever spend. Don’t over think your budget. If you are keen on having a wedding video and may be working within a budget, you could always compromise on other parts of your big day including reducing the budget on your flowers, or even the cake. A wedding video will capture your special day and it will last forever in a way that nothing else can. Follow your heart and go with your gut.

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